Langham Research Centre

Tim Hand works with sparkling imagination and intense dedication. His production values are second to none and the results are always immensely gratifying

Oliver Coates, composer and performer

Tim Hand mixes and engineers live sound exactly as I would like it. He fleshes out the experience for the audience to mirror the way the person on stage holds the music in their imagination, always exploring to make it better and without opinions about the orthodox way to do things. On top of that he works quietly to come up with clever ideas to make the sound checking and transition into a new venue as smooth and comfortable as possible. I love also that nothing is precious or technology centred, he completely lets go into the colours that feel fun and spontaneous and emotional. He is also calming and comforting to have around on your team.


Liz Green, Communications & Events Officer, Faculty of Music, University of Oxford

“Thank you for yesterday. It sounded amazing and I really appreciate your calm, kind and organised approach!”

Trish Brown, Head of Production, Serious:

“Working with Tim to deliver a bespoke training session for the team at Serious was a total delight. We split the day so that the non-production departments received some basic PA and technical set-up training, and Tim made sure throughout this session that the training points were always relevant to the various roles within the company. For the advance production team session he worked with me ahead of the day to pull together examples and contexts from recent shows which ensured that the learning had relatable context for the team. Everyone at Serious thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was a great foundation to ensure that the wider team felt empowered and confident using sound technical equipment.”


Laurie Miller-Zutshi, Head of Cultural Programming and Partnerships, City of London:

“thank you so much for all your hard work on City Beerfest. Everyone thought it sounded great. Thanks very much for the excellent quality and professionalism.”


David Jones, Director, Serious:

“Tim has become a key member of our production staff – artists love working with him, venue staff enthuse, and he’s great at drawing a team together.”


Tommy Hodgson, Tigmus Ltd.

“Thank you so much for your work yesterday – the sound was brilliant and everyone was really happy. ”


Sophie Hewlett, Production Manager, Serious

“Thank you so much for everything – genuinely, you are the most honest, hardworking person and it’s been so great having you around, as always – I love knowing that, when you’re on a show, I can always completely trust you’ve got it all covered!”


Jo Ross, Director, Oxford Contemporary Music:

“Tim is very highly skilled in many areas of production. You always know that he will be completely dedicated to the event, looking after the artists and audience. He’s completely dependable, I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”


Sarah Mayhew, Arts Consultant:

“Tim is a genuinely great guy, a pleasure to work with because he is so personable and because you know that whatever he touches is in such very safe hands. Careful, and considerate, Tim is a dedicated professional, a true perfectionist – faultless… And lots of fun too!”


Polly Eldridge, Director, Sound UK:

“Tim is our first choice freelance production manager. He is highly professional and well organized, but what sets him apart is a friendly and enthusiastic personality. He’s a real joy to have as part of a team.”

Bethan Nia, Musician:

“Just wanted to say thanks very much for a fantastic course that you led on Sunday for Trac-Cymru. I found it so useful and I am already changing the way I am doing things as a response to what I learnt.  Anyway, thanks again for a great, enlightening day – very useful for us not very organised but trying to get better musicians!”


Alan Burgess, Amber Audio:

“I have worked with Tim on many high profile shows and have always found him hugely capable, relaxed and cheerful, and with great attention to detail and professionalism in his work. Whenever Tim is on the team I know that’s one area I don’t need to worry about!”


Robert Nisbet, Event Production Services:

“Tim has provided engineering services to my events on several occasions, including high pressure events such as festivals and multi-band shows, as well as providing production management services. His work is thorough, concise and accurate, and his understanding of the industry is excellent. I recommend his services without reservation.”


Susie Gregson, Proms at St. Jude’s:

“I can’t express how wonderful it was to have such a smooth running festival this year. You worked really hard – as always!”


Steve Burholt, Ran Kan Kan:

“I would highly recommend Tim. He’s managed to produce a great live sound for our large cuban band, under pressure of time, and with complex balancing and monitoring requirements.”


Sue Mingus, Mingus Big Band:

“One of the best road managers we’ve ever had.”

Louise Allen, Curator, Oxford Botanic Garden:

“I have worked with Tim on three different projects and have always found him to be extremely professional, 100% committed and always willing to go the extra mile to make things happen.”

William Trevelyan, Music Officer, South Hill Park:

“Tim has come up trumps… producing sound of very high quality. With an incredibly broad knowledge and love of music, Tim is a music fan which is fantastic to have on your side. He has informed our Music Programme a number of times.”

Portico Quartet:

“We love working with Tim. Everything runs like clockwork, everything is in its right place and he keeps everything nice and stress free – just the way we like it – so we can get on stage and play our best. Can’t ask for more that that.”

Vez Hopper, Irregular Folk

“It’s been a genuine pleasure working with Tim. He provides clear and reliable information, he’s flexible, oh so calm, and you can relax knowing he’s providing the best quality equipment and skills you could wish for. Thank you Tim for making our gig promoting an enjoyable process!.”

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