2021 Update

So we’re still here, still trying to dodge the virus and attempt to make work where we can. I was incredibly lucky in 2020 to be in a position to diversify in to video recordings and stills photography, ending up filming a far bit of video content for some excellent projects both in music and fine art. I was also lucky to be able to build up a good stock of cameras and post-production hardware.

Randolph Matthews, from stills photography commissioned by Jazz South (image Copyright, Tim Hand)

Video meant I could still work with some artists I’d worked with before Covid; Langham Research Centre, Joanna MacGregor, Robert Mitchell, Alexander Hawkins etc. etc. I also got to learn about some new areas including putting together two video gallery tours for the brilliant exhibition by Mexican visual artist Mariana Castillo Deball at Modern Art Oxford. Well worth a virtual look here: https://www.modernartoxford.org.uk/event/making-and-knowing-something/

If that was sublime then filming Aladdin for Newbury Corn Exchange was purposefully ridiculous and the source of some much needed laughter.

‘Celia Siri’ (Emily-Mae) in Plested and Brown’s Aladdin produced by Newbury Corn Exchange

One of the highlights of the year was filming a series for Jazz South showcasing the artists on their Radar scheme. Some absolutely phenomenal new music and great players. https://jazzsouth.org.uk/current-projects/spotlight/jazz-south-radar-sessions/

Stephen Davies, from stills photography commissioned by Jazz South (image Copyright, Tim Hand)

The year was topped off by filming a show I’ve worked on for many years, given additional ponience this year, singer Jodie Nolan (Mamma Mia, Chicago) presenting (with West End colleagues) some proper full-on musical action for Christmas!

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