Mallorca to Aldershot, Summer 2016

Mallorca to Aldershot, Summer 2016


(Photo courtesy of Tammy Bedford)

This summer has been wet, busy and interesting in equal measure.

Production managing Mark Anderson’s intense and excellent show Furious Folly ( in Oxford (the wet bit) led in to Production Managing Proms at St. Jude’s festival in North London. Proms raises between £50,000 and £60,000 each year for  two local charities, Tallis Scholars a definite highlight this year.

July was my first trip to Priddy Folk Festival, providing PA and mixing their late night sessions. Ushti Baba, the band on the Friday night were probably the venn diagram of all perfect festival bands, all rammed shoulder to shoulder on a stage barely more than 8 feet wide.

Ducking out of Priddy for one day I headed off for a culture shock to stage manage Will Young on the Floating Stage at Henley Festival.

August saw a short tour with Kronos Quartet, Bratislava and (unusually) Mallorca. Musically stunning as ever. Superbly looked after too by the team at Viva Musica in Bratislava: .

With September came a last minute call to record a new commission by Nathaniel Mann for Gurkha musicians in Aldershot. A fine introduction to traditional Neplali music which I knew very little about, essentially it’s LOUD! The recordings (traditional Nepli music and a collaboration with Nathaniel) are due for release on Antigen Records ( in due course. The project is produced by Tammy Bedford ( and part of the consortium New Dimensions (



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